Globe Political Map

In representation of the world political map, the borders of the countries represented with their flags, giving to the work a social and Ethnological ramifications. The user can observe how the colors develop, i.e. in which areas there is more greens, or more reds. And this is an element which contributes to the understanding of the work which reflects the reality.
An original idea that was designed since 1995 a few years before 2000-2001 when the project was constructed. And of course then this representation did not exist at all, not even in the widespread use that we find it as an image today.

Dimensions: H195 X W195 X Diameter 145 cm
Construction year: 2001
The surface of the sphere is embossed, proportion and dimensions are exact replicas.
Materials: metal,  acrylic, oil paint, electric motor. One complete rotation every 7 minutes.
Exhibition: Yiayianos Gallery, 2004.
The work included in the catalog book of the exhibition, and the relevant publications in newspapers and magazines.